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Croftons' diversity results

Firms regulated by the SRA are required to collect, report and publish workforce diversity data annually. Croftons Solicitors LLP carried out team surveys in September 2015, the data from which were gathered anonymously to produce an aggregated survey report in September 2015.

Our survey response rate was low (37%). As a result we believe the results do not reliably represent our team. Furthermore, the data we are able to publish is limited to ensure compliance with the ICO’s code of practice and data protection principles.

Here are the results we are able to publish:


Age range% of our team
16-24 21
25-34 14
35-44 50
45-54 7
55-64 7
65+ 0


Gender% of our team
Male 36
Female 64

Gender in relation to those in professional/managerial roles

Male 50
Female 50

7% of our team have a disability according to the definition of the Equality Act

93% of our team are British

Socio-economic background
86% of our team attended a state school
14% of our team attended an independent school
57% of our team attended university as first generation
21% of our team attended university but not as first generation

Caring responsibilities
43% of our team have primary carer responsibilities for a child

If you would like any further information on our approach to diversity, please contact Simon Leighton on

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